Lovia Style!

If you happen to follow me on social media or come to my shows, you may have noticed that my style has been getting much more interesting lately!  This is because I've started working with the very talented ladies at Lovia.  

Lovia is a Helsinki-based company that focuses on making elegant designs from recycled and organic materials.  The company philosophy is based on sustainability, transparency, and sharing knowledge and ideas to help maintain a beautiful, elegant brand.  Lovia also prides itself on its traceable designs, or "product DNA," allowing you to trace the material sources, production methods, and locations along the production chain for each and every Lovia product.

I love the company philosophy, but I have to admit that I also really love the clothes!  When I went for my first fitting, I couldn't help but gasp every time I tried on something new.  I had already seen the beautiful photos on the website, but it was quite the experience to actually wear them.  The materials are natural, the designs are amazing, and I was immediately sold.  

Since that moment, I have been wearing Lovia outfits for all of my concerts, photo shoots, and videos.  Well, it's actually kind of impossible to go back to my other clothes now!

I really recommend that you check out their web shop.  Both the clothes and the team are fantastic, and why not support such an awesome mission statement?