Don't Blame Me

For you love is hard work
Like a job you must escape from at the end of the day...


Go It Alone

Remember when you said to me
"It's time to wake up and take your life more seriously..." 

I don't Believe in Love

Just the other weekend when I was having a drink at the bar

A man sat down and said to me, "I cannot believe how lovely you are..."

Stand Alone

Here's me trying to reach you

With no way, no way to get through

So I stand alone...



I could light candles 'round my room

And come up with a million things that I'd like to do...


I'm a woman, and I've got men on my mind

Never ever would have thought

Tthey would be so hard to find...

Into the dark

People have told me that my love for you seemed a little strange

They were right...