Into the Dark

Written by Leah Harris


People have told me that my love for you seemed a little strange

They were right

Guess you could say it was a little out of character for me

You’re not my type

We all make mistake I’m not the first to lose my identity

You know that’s true

I wouldn’t normally be this rude

But I have earned the right to say I hit rock bottom with you


Like taking candy from a baby

You just came along and changed me

When you realized my weakness was love


With a fragile soul and nobody to hold

I’m ashamed to admit that for you I was blind

You think you’re so damn clever ‘cause you got away with murder

Well, why don’t you go pick on somebody your own size

Someone to follow you into the dark

I’ve had so many days where I have woken up not feeling quite

Like myself

But that sad dark phase we had together, well I’m telling you

That was something else

I’m not quite sure how I escaped out of your darkness

After all the games you played on my mind

But I’m sure glad I did

I can’t imagine and kind of life with somebody like you by my side




Piano Solo

Chorus 2x


But that won’t work

Because you’re looking for somebody to hurt (2x)

Who will follow you into the dark