Basso Radio Interview with Klaus Wing

There's no way I'd rather spend a Saturday morning than hanging out in the Basso Radio studios with the wonderful Klaus Wing.  This is a fascinating guy, and multi-talented!  He's a musician, DJ, radio host, and just an all-around cool person.  

I joined him for an hour for an interview on his weekly show "Tings".  We chatted about everything from music education (something we are both very passionate about) to our favourite musical influences - from New Orleans piano masters to 90's RnB singers.  We even touched on my own early musical life, including the Detroit influence!

Klaus played some of my original music throughout the show, and ended the interview by playing a rough mix of my brand new single "Don't Blame Me."  It was kind of crazy for me to hear my unmixed single played on the radio :O but Klaus loves discovering new music in its early phases.  I was honoured to be included in the mix!

Check out our interview on Basso Radio on Demand, and search for Klaus's show "Tings."  My interview aired on January 28th!